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Monday, January 19, 2009

Slave to love.......

One of my favorite song, by Bryan Ferry.

Tell her i´ll be waiting
In the usual place
With the tired and weary
There´s no escape
To need a woman
You´ve got to know
How the strong get weak
And the rich get poor
You´re running with me
Don´t touch the ground
We´re restless hearted
Not the chained and bound
The sky is burning
A sea of flame
Though your world is changing
I will be the same
The storm is breaking
Or so it seems
We´re too young to reason
Too grown up to dream
Now spring is turning
Your face to mine
I can hear your laughter
I can see your smile
No I can´t escape
I´m a slave to love

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Got Tats!!!

What's your tat like? How many? Show you mine if you show me yours!
I luv tattoos. There are some really beautiful ones, that I have been very lucky to see.
So what are your thoughts, hate em, luv em, don't care!
Drop by and tell me won't cha?
mwah and Happy New year!