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Friday, September 26, 2008

The I's have it!

I Live: because I still have lots to live for and do.

I Work: because I have to!

I Talk: to myself sometimes. Okay more like cursing in my car at stupid drivers.

I Wish: that you can get wishes to come true.

I Enjoy: a good spanking. Well, shoot I do.

I Look: for good in everyone, of course some are harder to find than others.

I Lost: 15 lbs.

I Flirt: at times when I don't mean to. Gets me into trouble.

I Find: honesty and laughter are hard to find in a partner.

I Smell: like sex. Think whatever you wish here.

I Hide: from people when I am stressed.

I Pray: but I am not sure it is working.

I Walk: to work and I love it.

I Write: sometimes about nothing. As you can see.

I See: a light at the end of the tunnel, but I can never seem to reach it at times.

I Sing: in my car.

I Long: for a foot massage.

I Can: make you cry, if you're not careful.

I Watch: all around me and try to understand it all.

I Yearn: to have my mind at peace.

I Daydream: silly things, naughty things.....mmmm.

I Want: you to want me..huh, isn't that a Cheap Trick song?

I Cry: when my loved ones are in pain.

I Read: too many books.

I Love: but, I am not any good at it.

I Sometimes: feel like a nut.......

I Hate: people who don't pick up their dog poop!

I Touch: people lives, eventhough it's hard for me to believe.

I Hurt: when my love ones are hurt.

I Fear: that all the shit that is happening will never end.

I Hope: for a better tomorrow

I Break: hearts.

I Eat: when I am hungry.

I Quit: being so trusting.

I Bathe: because it feels good. Plus I don't want to stink!

I Drink: water mostly. But a great glass of wine is good to have at times.

I Stop: trying to figure out the WHYS

I Save: joys of laughter and memories of love.

I Hug: those who let me!

I am in: a state of confusion.

I Play: with your head.

I Miss: my rabbit.

I Hold: onto my pride too much, people say.

I Forgive: but I don't forget.

I Drive: only when I have to. Gas prices suck!

I Learn: everyday.

I Have: lots to be thankful for, but hardtimes makes it unclear.

I Don't: know how to play chess.

I Made: some bad choices in my life.

I Kiss: when I want to be kissed

I Believe: that I do have a purpose.

I Wait: when I have to.

I Need: too many things, right now.

I Feel: lost sometimes.

I Know: more of less than what I know now than I knew of before

I Wonder: what my future holds.

I Am: bad kitty.

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